Take Me Home

You can have a house and still be homeless. 

Home is having a place to rest your head but it’s so much more. That's what this story is all about. 

Take Me Home is a new docuseries inviting you to a groundbreaking new kind of village being born on the outskirts of Austin, TX USA. Homeless advocacy pioneer Alan Graham and his friends are building an innovative 27-acre master planned community of tiny homes and RVs designed to connect us back to each other. This two-year episodic series will chronicle the journey of formerly homeless men and women and other families who are together boldly moving into the neighborhood. Joining them on the journey are a courageous staff and volunteers from greater Austin. 

On this new frontier of community, in joy and heartbreak, the messiness and the beauty of life, they’ll discover what we’re all really looking for when we’re looking for “home.”


To learn more, scroll through the gallery below. Or download the PDF.  

We are not individuals on an island and we
do not pick ourselves up by the bootstraps.
We desperately need each other.
— Alan Graham