Sean Schiavolin and David Kang are the producers, writers, & directors of Ecce! Films, a film production company based in Austin, TX and Milwaukee, WI. Ecce!'s animated short film, The Economics of Sex, was featured in the New York Times, India Times, and Freakonomics, exceeding over a million views within a month of its debut. On the occasion of the Humanum Colloquium, a historic gathering of the world's religious leaders hosted by Pope Francis, Ecce! produced a groundbreaking six-part documentary series on the Family. A stunning blend of film, animation and art, The Humanum Series takes us to into the lives of mothers, fathers and children around the world: from Nigeria to Lebanon, Mexico, France and the United States. Through the people of the world and an international array of cultural experts and scholars, the series explores "the timeless design of Man and Woman as an ancient, ecological wisdom and beauty- one that lies at the very heart of our humanity."

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Dr. Kevin E. Stuart is executive director of the Austin Institute for the Study of Family & Culture and president of Teddlie Stuart Media Partners. He is a seasoned U.S. and international political advisor and Pollie Award-winning media consultant. Kevin is also a scholar of politics and serves as editor of the Catholic Social Thought book series with Rowman & Littlefield. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin, holds a Master of Sciences degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science, did graduate work at the University of Oxford, and was a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge. He received two undergraduate degrees from Louisiana State University.